´╗┐Consumers obtain chemical enegry by feeding on producers or other consumers.
Consumers are above producers in trophic levels.
Consumers are categorized mainly by what they eat; Carnivore, Omnivore, Herbivore.
Carnivores eat only consumers or meat.
Omnivores eat both consumers and producers (plants and meat).
Herbivores eat only producers or plants.
Consumers can also be categorized by their postion in a particular food chain.

There are three main types of consumers, Primary and Secondary consumers, and Tertiary consumers.

Primary consumers are first level consumers who feed directly on producers.
In terrestrial ecosystems they are usually insects and birds who eat seeds and fruit and antelope and deer who are grazing animals.
In aquatic ecosystems they are a variety of zoo-plankton that feed on phytoplankton.

Secondary consumers are second level consumers who eat primary consumers.
On land they are mainly small mammals and reptiles as well as few large carnivores.
In aquatic ecosystems they are mainly small fish.

Tertiary consumers are third level consumers who eat secondary consumers.